Auto write notes

You don't have to wirte notes , all you have to do is to tap the button
and RecCloud will...

Transcript your Interview

RecCloud will transcribe your recorded interview or meeting.
You will have just to...

Schedule recodring

RecCloud schedule the recoding task for you.
When you add a new meeting into your calendar...


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Stay focused on your Meeting

Writing or typing takes your attention away from what's going on around you. RecCloud lets you take down what was just said with a single finger tap, so your attention can stay with the room.

How it Works

RecCloud record everything from the time your enter the meeting room until you leave. When somebody says something interesting, just tap the button and RecCloud will transcribe what have been said in the last 20 second and write it as a notes. The note will be time-coded means that later you can start listening directly from that moment. You can take as many notes as you want.

Spend less time reviewing

RecCloud record a whole meeting is great , write notes at the same time is smart but let RecCloud taking note for you is way smarter. Since RecCloud took notes only from the important moments than you can listen and review exactly what have been said.

Listening only to the important ideas

Listening to the whole tape trying to highlight important ideas is a time waisting task but with RecCloud you can navigate thru your audio file like you are navigating thru a PDF file. Time coded notes are your important ideas and you can navigate thru them like you’re navigating thru chapters in a book.